In order for Alberta to win the School of the Year award, every individual must show a high level of commitment to the team. This means members must contribute to their individual team's success, as well as the whole team by their dedication to community involvement and participation. We encourage accountability of the individual as well as support for one another to maintain motivation and consistently improve performance.



Defined as the energy and morale that binds the Alberta team through the vigorous journey of JDC West. We are a 50-person family that supports each other during success and failure. Our team spirit is the backbone to the team's motivation to continuously improve and participate. We strive to build a culture that allows this spirit to thrive and continually develop.



We aim to observe personal growth and improved performance from every team member, starting from day one and continuing each week. We want to ensure that every individual and team experiences improvement from week-to-week to avoid becoming stagnant in their practices. We strive to develop a constructive and supportive team environment that fosters individual growth to ensure individuals are performing at the competitive level that JDC West demands.



A fundamental component of the success and functionality of the team. Competition details need to be communicated from the Captains to the Executive and Team in order for them to be fully prepared for the competition. The Team must communicate to the Executive any problems or dissatisfactions they may encounter to ensure they can be resolved. There must be communication within individual teams to ensure growth and reliability. It is important for individuals to communicate any absences from events or practices to their individual teams and Executive. It is also important for constructive feedback to be communicated in each practice in order for team members to continually improve. We encourage transparent, timely, and material communication of information within the team.