Academic Teams





Jaden Polischuk

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Top 3: Fruit roll ups, To-do lists, Free shipping

Bottom 3: People who don’t recycle, Orange flavoured candies, Horror movies


Kimberley Chan

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Top 3: Sleep, Carbs, Crappy reality television

Bottom 3: Less than 9 hours of sleep, Fruits and vegetables, Traffic circles


Owen Shen

Owen is currently in his fourth year at the U of A studying accounting. Outside of school his interests are procrastinating with movies, procrastinating with video games, and pretending he works out.

Top 3: Fried chicken, Traveling, Running through the rain

Bottom 3: Raw fish, Dogs with high pitch barks, Wet bread

Business Strategy


Leanne Yang

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Top 3: The Sun, Old Fashions, Live Music

Bottom 3: Excel Error messages, Awkward hugs, Flaky people


Varshu Karumuri

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Top 3: the first bite of your food at a restaurant, jumping in a lake, sleeping in your own bed after travelling

Bottom 3: Waiting in line, The smell of dishwashers, Feeling hangry


Emilie Richards

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Top 3: Peeling the plastic off of new electronics, Elevator pitches, Red Bull

Bottom 3: When food falls from your fork before eating it, Tripping up stairs, Public microwaves

Business Technology Management


Farouq Sadiq

Farouq is a fifth year MIS major and SMO minor. He loves talking about all the aspects of technology and how they affect the world. Farouq also enjoys wrestling and playing rugby in his spare time.

Top 3: Kanye West, Drake, Childish Gambino

Bottom 3: Rodents, Mosquitoes, Double ads on YouTube


Robyn Kelly

Robyn is a fifth year Management Information Systems major and Operations Management minor. She loves everything from new technology to trying all kinds of sports. You can usually find her in the gym, napping around campus or watching an Oilers game. If you need a rock climbing partner, she's your girl (although she has a fear of heights)! After playing on the Sports team at the 2018 competition, Robyn is so excited to be back on Alberta JDC West and can't wait to compete in Regina.

Top 3: Slo-pitch season, Earls' happy hour, Big, fluffy dogs.

Bottom 3: Long commute times, Motion sickness, Losing my headphones.

Mayank Pathak

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Top 3: Excel spreadsheets, Chloe perfume, Deadpool movies

Bottom 3: Low-quality & unedited pictures, Fake people, Long-distance relationships


Jack Alton.png

Brandon Webb

Brandon is a Business Economics and Law major with a Marketing minor. He loves scuba diving; He has over 60 hours underwater! He once even came face to face with a hammerhead shark, but thankfully he saw him as a friend and not food. Brandon is also an avid sports fan and he can usually be seen screaming at the Oilers on TV. Unfortunately, his fantasy sports record is a lot like the Oilers cup chances: abysmal with little to no hope. Anyways, he is super excited to be on the Entre this year!

Top 3: Sour beer, The Oilers, The Rolling Stones

Bottom 3: Country music, Babies that cry on planes, The Oilers

Hassan Mulji.png

Mattea Mowbrey

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Top 3: Smiling with your eyes, Random acts of kindness, Corgis

Bottom 3: Scary movies, Shovelling snow, Finding a parking spot


Connor Roy

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Top 3 : Milk tea, Rain, and saying «you guys… » in a presentation

Bottom 3 : Cringy Commercials, the new Stars Wars movies, Foam Rolling


Josh Koop.png

Mitchell Babiuk

Mitchell is a fourth-year Finance major focusing on quantitative analytics with a minor in Economics. Starting his first year with JDC West, Mitchell hopes to dig out of the pile of Excel spreadsheets and develop in the brave new world of PowerPoint. On campus he lives in the Winspear Library and the Wilson Climbing Center all in a grand attempt to hide from the sun.

Top 3: Rock Climbing, Coffee, Pivot Tables

Bottom 3: 8am lectures, Ticks, Weather over 30 degrees


Mehar Dhupia

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Top 3: Long walks on the beach, Holding hands, Deep conversations

Bottom 3: The lack of good seafood in Edmonton, Summer road construction, Sad Asian life insurance commercials

Taras Koval

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Top 3: Riding the elevator one floor, $5 pints, Excel hotkeys

Bottom 3: New England Patriots, Dairy, Managerial Accounting

Human Resources

Connor Boyd.png

Julie Perich

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Top 3: Large Dogs, Steak, Camping with friends

Bottom 3: Dirty Kitchen, Stubbing your toe, Gin



Mahek Punjabi

Mahek is a 3rd year Business Economics and Law major and is excited for her first time as apart of the JDC West team! She is really looking forward to getting more involved during school and making new friends and memories. She loves balancing school, volunteering, and working in a hair salon in her spare time. Mahek also has a passion for fitness, dancing, and travelling!

Top 3: Carbs, Oversized sweats and hoodies, Freshly washed hair

Bottom 3: Greasy hair, Walking in late to class, Thinking you're using wifi when really you're using data.


Stephanie Keats

Stephanie is a Human Resources Management major after-degree student, with a prior degree in Psychological Sciences. Work culture, organizational behaviour, and change management are strong interests of hers. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her friends or cozying up with a great book.

Top 3: Backcountry hiking, strategy-based games, coffee

Bottom 3: Bugs, A messy home, Waiting in long lines

International Business


Rohan Gupta

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Top 3: Love genuine and authentic people, Good weather, Live concerts

Bottom 3: Fake, proud & stubborn people, Bad weather, Snakes & people who are late



Jack Alton

Jack is back for another year with Alberta JDC West! Competing last year as a member of the Entrepreneurship team, he fell in love with JDCW. Jack is extremely excited to show his stuff on the International Business Team in 2020! A little bit about himself- Operations Management is his major and he is in his 4th year of school. Jack loves podcasts, maps, fighting games, and wine Thursdays (sheesh). Travel is one of his favourite things to do, but he loves Edmonton more than anywhere in the world. See you in Regina!

Top 3: Power BI, Geography Quizzes, Anderson .Paak

Bottom 3: Slow meetings, Slow walkers, Russell Westbrook


Connor Boyd

Connor is a 4th year Business Economics and Law Major and Finance Minor. Some of his interests outside of school include reading, fishing, camping, board game nights, campfires, and playing/watching pretty much any sport.

Top 3: Steak, Dogs, Puns

Bottom 3: Waiting in line, Finding jeans that fit, Dealing with customer service


Jamie Libon.png

Emily McGoey

Emily is a fourth year marketing student. She is also the VP External so she is going to be getting that moola for Team Alberta! Her hobbies include spending copious amounts of money at Aritzia, werkin’ out at Orange Theory, and listening to podcasts.

Top 3: When your food comes at a restaurant, Belly laughs, Charcuterie boards

Bottom 3: Ted talks, Being hangry, Excel

Spencer Limming.png

Morgan Stang

Insert bio.

Top 3: Oilers in the playoffs, Flames out of the playoffs, Coffee

Bottom 3: The U2 album everyone received that nobody wanted, People watching you edit PowerPoint, Trying to use other people’s showers


Martina Elegino

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 Top 3: Coffee, Memes, Dewey’s Happy Hour

Bottom 3: Country music, Pocketless pants, People who pass you on the shoulder

Not for Profit


Rea Naidoo

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Top 3: Bob Ross, Britney Spears circa 2007, Milk Tea

Bottom 3: Slow Walkers, Porta-Potties, Hairless Cats


Makena Kigunda

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Top 3: Bob Ross, Britney Spears circa 2007, Milk Tea

Bottom 3: Slow Walkers, Porta-Potties, Hairless Cats

Erika Hudon-Kaide

Erika is in her second year of business in the bilingual bachelor of commerce program with a major in SMO. Erika competed as a social last year, and now she will be coaching the social team. Additionally, she is extremely excited to be a part of the NFP team this year! The not-for-profit sector has always been a field of interest of Erika’s, so she is ready to challenge her knowledge. Outside of school, Erika is usually shopping because the mall is so close to her house or watching YouTube videos.

Top 3: Matcha, Doc Martens, Slime videos on Instagram

Bottom 3: Weeaboos, ETS transit, Slime videos on Instagram

Operations Management


Dennis Hodgson

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Top 3: Bob Ross, Britney Spears circa 2007, Milk Tea

Bottom 3: Slow Walkers, Porta-Potties, Hairless Cats


Renee Yu

Renee is going into her final semester of Business as an OM major/MIS minor. With a passion for case competitions, photography and Excel spreadsheets, you can find Renee hanging out in the labs with a bubble tea within reach almost 99% of the time. When she is not busy critiquing posters and low quality images, she enjoys eating and running a food diary on Instagram.

Top 3: Chloe perfume, Trolling people, High quality photos

Bottom 3: Low quality people, Koreaboos, Chipped nails

Connor Roy.png

Jonah Gillis

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Top 3: Bob Ross, Britney Spears circa 2007, Milk Tea

Bottom 3: Slow Walkers, Porta-Potties, Hairless Cats