Academic Teams




Victoria Currah.png

Victoria Currah

Victoria is in the final year of her accounting degree at the University of Alberta School of Business. This is her first semester back on campus in almost two years following her exchange semester to Copenhagen and Co-op work terms. She looks forward to bringing her knowledge from her time in public accounting to the JDC West accounting team! In her free time, you can find her reading biographies, working on her fashion blog or planning her next trip.

Top 3: Fruit roll ups, To-do lists, Free shipping

Bottom 3: People who don’t recycle, Orange flavoured candies, Horror movies

Camille McConkey.png

Camille McConkey

This is Camille's second year on the Alberta JDC West team. Camille competed as a social in her first year of the competition, and although she loved it, she is ready to be able to sleep during the competition as a member of the Accounting Case Team. Camille is extremely pumped to be a member of the exec team as VP Internal and loves hanging out with her fellow JDC West team mates! In her spare time Camille enjoys hanging out with dogs, playing with dogs, and watching dog videos.

Top 3: Sleep, Carbs, Crappy reality television

Bottom 3: Less than 9 hours of sleep, Fruits and vegetables, Traffic circles

Sean Lee.png

Sean Lee

Hansol Lee, who goes by Sean, was born in Ulsan, South Korea and moved to Canada in 1997. He was raised in a small rural town known as Whitecourt, located one and a half hours northwest of Edmonton. He was admitted to the University of Alberta in 2013 in the Bachelor of Arts program majoring in Psychology with the intentions of becoming a clinical psychologist and giving back to the community. Later on, switching to the Alberta School of Business in 2015, he found his true calling. Now, as an Accounting major, he intends to go work for a Big Four firm after his final year and create a scholarship for immigrant families who have to work as hard as his parents did. He looks forward to meeting every smart and talented individual coming to JDC West!

Top 3: Playing 9 holes without losing your ball, Scotch whiskey - neat, Brad Marchand licking people

Bottom 3: Wet socks, Getting white shoes dirty, Farting while doing hot yoga

Business Strategy

Matt Encarnacao.png

Matt Encarnacao

Matt is a 5th year accounting and operations management student and this is his second time participating in JDC West. Matt recently completed a summer internship with HSBC in Commercial Banking working with Albertan start-ups and mid-sized corporations. He is an aspiring world traveller and is eager to learn how businesses thrive in both domestic and foreign markets. Matt hopes to leverage his diverse background and experiences to help foster success for his Bus Strat team and Alberta JDC West family.

Top 3: The Sun, Old Fashions, Live Music

Bottom 3: Excel Error messages, Awkward hugs, Flaky people

Emily McGoey.png

Emily McGoey

Emily is a 3rd year marketing student and is looking forward to representing Team Alberta on the Business Strategy team! For the upcoming year, she is hoping she will not be the "powerpoint person." She loves to get involved in the school of business and is currently on the UAMA and is a Bus 201 seminar manager. Outside of school she is passionate about fitness, nights out on the town, and her dog Eddie.

Top 3: the first bite of your food at a restaurant, jumping in a lake, sleeping in your own bed after travelling

Bottom 3: Waiting in line, The smell of dishwashers, Feeling hangry

Josh Puszka.png

Josh Puszka

Josh Puszka knew it was love at first sight with JDC West since his first experience as a volunteer in Edmonton. After immersing himself in academics on the Marketing Team; his return this year places him in the role as VP Charity and competing on the Business Strategy Team. When he is not at Earls happy hour or trying the newest coffee shop, you can find him fully immersing himself in his fourth year at the Alberta School of Business through a varied multitude of commitments and clubs.

Top 3: Peeling the plastic off of new electronics, Elevator pitches, Red Bull

Bottom 3: When food falls from your fork before eating it, Tripping up stairs, Public microwaves

Business Technology Management

Jemima Balbastro.png

Jemima Balbastro

Jemima Balbastro is a 4th year business student at the University of Alberta with a major in Management Information Systems and a minor in Operations Management. She is also pursuing a certificate in Leadership and in Business Technology Management. Outside of her studies, Jemima can be found volunteering with nonprofits or arts organizations, and trying her best to infuse as much laughter and creativity in her life as possible. In a parallel universe, Jemima thinks she would probably be a stand-up comedian, albeit a terrible one.

Top 3: Vietnamese food, Mexican food, Japanese food

Bottom 3: Not having enough food, No money for food, Food that doesn't live up to expectations

Varshu Karumuri.png

Varshu Karumuri

Varshu is a 4th year student pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems and Computing Science. He is passionate about computers and hopes to work implementing cool technologies and have his own company one day. In his free time, you can find him cooking, trying new foods, craft beer and coffee. He also loves to nerd out about tech and cars. So if you are looking to waste a couple hours talking about AI and self-driving cars, you know who to call.

Top 3: Food (especially tacos), Coffee, an aesthetic user interface

Bottom 3: Crowded public transport, Slow internet/devices, Fruit that goes bad 3 days after you buy it

Renee Yu

Renee is a 4th year Operations Management major and Management Information Systems minor. This year, she is also involved with the BSA as the VP Events. In the summer, she spent 2 weeks in Ghana for a missions trip so coming back to Canada has been quite the chilly one. In her free time, you can see her roaming around the halls with a hearty cup of bubble tea, eating a good ol' poutine or taking photos.

Top 3: Excel spreadsheets, Chloe perfume, Deadpool movies

Bottom 3: Low-quality & unedited pictures, Fake people, Long-distance relationships


Jack Alton.png

Jack Alton

Jack is a third year student at the Alberta School of Business who is majoring in Operations Management, and minoring in Marketing. His interests include hiking, rap, geography, basketball, podcasts, and architecture. Travel is a passion of his, but he loves Edmonton more than anywhere in the world. First time JDC Wester.

Top 3: Geography Quizzes, Art Deco Buildings, Sports (real and fantasy)

Bottom 3: Slow meetings, Slow walkers, Russell Westbrook

Hassan Mulji.png

Hassan Mulji

Hassan is happy and humbled to have the opportunity to represent the University of Alberta at JDC West! He is currently majoring in Accounting and hopes to use his background in start-ups and financial analysis to empower the Entrepreneurship team. Moving forward, Hassan hopes to continuously develop his skills to leave this world in a better place than he found it. He likes to use his spare time running, skiing, and reading non-fiction.

Top 3: Smiling with your eyes, Random acts of kindness, Corgis

Bottom 3: Scary movies, Shovelling snow, Finding a parking spot

Han Xiao.png

Han Xiao

Han is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student at the Alberta School of Business with a Major in Accounting.  Ever since his first year at the School of Business ,Han had dedicated himself to getting involved in the School of Business through various student groups. Despite his major in Accounting, his true passion is getting 8 hours of sleep and enjoying a cold one with the boys. You can catch Han on the Entrepreneur team this year and watch Han as he tries to broaden his horizons in this new and exciting challenge!

Top 3 : Milk tea, Rain, and saying «you guys… » in a presentation

Bottom 3 : Cringy Commercials, the new Stars Wars movies, Foam Rolling


Josh Koop.png

Joshua Koop

Josh is a Finance major in his fourth year of university and will be taking part in his second JDC West. After loving his time on the debate team last year, he's looking forward to being a part of the Finance team. He'd ultimately love to attend law school. Josh is excited to learn new things and make new friends at JDC West this year and is very excited to be spending time in (hopefully) warmer Burnaby in January. In his free time, he enjoys watching the Oilers win games--or, failing that, draft lotteries.

Top 3: Roller coasters, Country music, Chocolate

Bottom 3: Traffic jams, 8 a.m. classes, Snakes

Bo Sang

Bo is a third year Bachelor of Commerce student at the Alberta School of Business Majoring in Finance. He is very excited to work with his Finance team and to compete in JDC West for the first time. In his free time, he enjoys finding new and interesting restaurants in the Edmonton area. If he isn't eating, then you will most likely find him studying in the library or napping in the library.

Top 3: Long walks on the beach, Holding hands, Deep conversations

Bottom 3: The lack of good seafood in Edmonton, Summer road construction, Sad Asian life insurance commercials

Liam Vernon

Liam is a Finance major in his 3rd year at the University of Alberta, and is very excited to represent JDC West in Burnaby in his first year with the team. Originally from Calgary, Liam isn’t afraid to rock Calgary Flames apparel up in Edmonton, and often does to the dismay of his classmates. Outside of the classroom, Liam enjoys weightlifting, playing blackjack, getting outdoors, and listening to every genre of music under the sun.

Top 3: Riding the elevator one floor, $5 pints, Excel hotkeys

Bottom 3: New England Patriots, Dairy, Managerial Accounting

Human Resources

Connor Boyd.png

Connor Boyd

Connor is a second year Business student majoring in Business Economics and Law. He as been involved in cases from an organizational standpoint and is excited to be on the other side of things. He is a very curious and dedicated learner and always enjoys a challenge. Connor loves sports and will play or watch pretty much any sport and have a blast doing so.

Top 3: Large Dogs, Steak, Camping with friends

Bottom 3: Dirty Kitchen, Stubbing your toe, Gin


Haya Masri.png

Haya Masri

Haya is going into her third year of business with a major in Business Economics and Law, minor in Human Resource Management and a certificate in Real Estate.  She enjoys story telling, traveling, trying new food and having a good laugh with family and friends. As a first time member of the JDC West family Haya is looking forward to learning lots, having great experiences and being part of such a dynamic team!

Top 3: Soft serve ice-cream, Witty jokes, Movie marathons

Bottom 3: Bad drivers, Mosquito bites, Leaky water bottles

Jasneet Sangha

Jasneet is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Accounting. When she's not busy studying or being a tax mom for UAAC, she's busy cheering on the Oilers and running out pages in her passport. This is Jasneet's first year on JDC West and she is very excited to be on the HR academic team for JDC West this year. She is looking forward to making new friends and cheering on the rest of the team loud and proud. #BoomDynamite!!!

Top 3: Coca Cola, 2015 NHL Draft Lottery, Sleeping In

Bottom 3: Brad Marchand's Nose, Shoes without Socks, Bandwagoners

International Business

John Hussein.png

John Hussein

John N Hussein is a third-year student with a concentration in international finance and business economics. A fun fact about him is that he can talk about economics, politics and current affairs all day. He was born in Rwanda, a small country in east central Africa but grew up all over the place. This has made him love and appreciate different cultures because he has never had defining culture growing up. He loves meeting and getting to know new people. On a day to day basis you can find him hanging out somewhere in hubmall or Rutherford library.

Top 3: Love genuine and authentic people, Good weather, Live concerts

Bottom 3: Fake, proud & stubborn people, Bad weather, Snakes & people who are late


Aleks Nakevski.png

Aleksandar Nakevski

Aleks is in his final year at the UofA majoring in Finance. Surprisingly, after all his years at the UofA, this will be his first time participating in JDC West. Aleks is originally from Macedonia, so anytime the weather is below – 10 degrees, you can most likely find him complaining about it or locked indoors. He loves to travel and is extremely excited about competing in Burnaby for a weekend. With whatever little free time he can find, he loves to play sports and be outdoors. Aside from that, Aleks is insanely ecstatic to spend the rest of his life looking at excel spreadsheets :P.

Top 3: Skyscrapers, Feta, People who think excel is better than google sheets

Bottom 3: People who are late, Commas, People who think google sheets is better than excel

Andrew Zanello.png

Andrew Zanello

Andrew is a fifth-year student in the School of Business, Majoring in Accounting and Minoring in Finance. In his time not spent blankly staring at excel spreadsheets and tax problems, he enjoys golfing, travelling, and eating away his life savings.

Top 3: Medium Rare Filet Mignon, Evening Rounds of golf, a cold drink with friends

Bottom 3: #REF, Constantly Disconnecting Wifi, Traffic


Jamie Libon.png

Jamie Libon

Jamie is a marketing major going into her fourth year of university. Last year she was a member of the Athletics team and fell in love with the HYPE of JDC West. She couldn’t be more excited to come back as the VP Marketing and a member of the Marketing team because she believes marketing is the art of business and is interested in connecting with different groups and people through her work. Beyond marketing and sports, she is super interested in mindfulness and discovering new hot spots overlooking the city skyline.

Top 3: Friends who share playlists, her roomies, High fives

Bottom 3: When the fm transmitter goes fuzzy, being home alone, Negative vibes

Spencer Limming.png

Spencer Limming

Spencer is in his second year of business majoring in finance with dreams of working in Capital Markets. He is excited to be a part of the JDC West Marketing team to develop new skills that can’t be found in his finance and accounting classes. Spencer embraces a work hard, play hard attitude by spending a large portion of his life either in the library or at Dewey’s. When not studying or spending too much money at happy hour, he enjoys fitness, playing sports, reading about economics and politics, and travelling.

Top 3: Oilers in the playoffs, Flames out of the playoffs, Coffee

Bottom 3: The U2 album everyone received that nobody wanted, People watching you edit PowerPoint, Trying to use other people’s showers

Rea Naidoo.png

Rea Naidoo

Rea is in her third year pursuing a major in Marketing at the Alberta School of Business. She is excited to have the opportunity to represent the Marketing team at JDC West 2019 and whip up some top-tier PowerPoints! When not completing assignments at the last minute in Bus Lounge, she enjoys getting involved in the community, spending time outside, and hanging out with friends.

 Top 3: Coffee, Memes, Dewey’s Happy Hour

Bottom 3: Country music, Pocketless pants, People who pass you on the shoulder

Not for Profit

Anika Garlick.png

Anika Garlick

Anika is a second-year Business Economics & Law major at the Alberta School of Business. She is so excited to be joining the JDC West team for the first time, and hopes to one day be an attorney at a major law firm taking on as many pro-bono cases as she can! In her free time, Anika can usually be found curled up with her nose in a book and a coffee in hand, or taking snapchats of her adorably obese hamster, Dumpling, who likes eating almost as much as she does.

Top 3: Bob Ross, Britney Spears circa 2007, Milk Tea

Bottom 3: Slow Walkers, Porta-Potties, Hairless Cats


Gabe Gomes

Gabe is an Accounting major, heading into his third year at the Alberta School of Business. This is his first year with Alberta JDC West, and he is very excited to bring his background in accounting and leadership to the team. Gabe is passionate to learn more about the not-for-profit sector, both from his teammates and the JDC West experience. He enjoys spending his time exploring restaurants, weight training, and working on his short game.

Top 3: Burgers, Birkenstocks, Music festivals

Bottom 3: Parking tickets, Peas, Mosquitoes

Julie Perich

Julie is a bilingual bachelor of commerce student with a Major in SMO and Minor in Marketing. Julie is a past JDC Social and loved her experience at JDC West 2018 that she has come back on an academic team. When she’s not studying at coffee shops or napping, Julie keeps herself busy by getting involved with the French community. She has volunteered, been on the board and been employed for diverse NFP French organizations, thus leading her to the NFP Case Team! Around the School of Business, Julie is the VP communications for the UAMA and part of Cohort 7 of the Leadership Certificate Program. She loves her NFP team and JDC West Fam and cannot wait for JDCWest in Burnaby!

Top 3: Maple Syrup, Fun Facts, Aesthetic Instagrams

Bottom 3: Slow walkers, People who say Poutine wrong, Animal prints

Operations Management


Alison Cox

Alison is a 5th year Operations Management major, very excited to compete on the JDC West Academic team for her last year of her BCom! Alison found her love for JDC West when she got involved hosting and playing on the sports team in her previous years at the Alberta School of Business. Alison recently returned from 5 months studying abroad in Spain, therefore, loves to travel, as well as, play basketball & volleyball, try random food, and stay extremely organized on excel ;) Alison strives to learn as much as possible through her JDC West experience, to help her team succeed!

 Top 3: Lip-balm, Dancing, Deep fried Oreos

 Bottom 3:  Butterflies, Wrinkly clothes, Giving away her first bite

Aaron Hagen.png

Aaron Hagen

Aaron is a 3rd year Operations Management major with a love for all things JDC West.  He is extremely excited to have the opportunity to support this years case teams as the VP Academic for team Alberta. Aaron loves to get active whether that be baseball, running, or volleyball. When he isn't being overly competitive at sports, he is being overly competitive at board games (open challenge to beat him in Catan). Aaron is ecstatic to spend the year making memories and friends with everyone involved in JDC West and also for it to be socially acceptable to cheer obnoxiously loud whenever he can (Sochies for life).

Top 3: Brunch dates, Google Calendar, Iced coffee

Bottom 3: People who say opa when glass breaks, Slow walkers, Paying for parking

Connor Roy.png

Connor Roy

Connor is in his second year of Business and is majoring in Operations Management. He likes to get involved within the School of Business and has competed in several case competitions and attended many club events. He loves to learn as much as he can about the pure gypsy magic that makes up the wonders of Excel and learn all about those sweet sweet formulas. Outside of school you can catch him playing soccer, doing other sporty activities or sleeping in just about every imaginable place possible.

Top 3: Gypsy magic, Cookies by George, Bad American idol singers

Bottom 3: Unloading dishwashers, Socks with holes, Spooky ghosts