Academic Teams




Mackenzie Elsey

This is Mackenzie’s third year on the Alberta JDC West team. She competed on the Marketing team in her first year, and joined the Executive Team as VP Academic in her second year. She has enjoyed her two-year journey with the team during which she experienced extensive personal and professional growth, and built a supportive network of incredible people. She decided to run for Co-Captain this year in order to help provide the same life-changing experience with this year's team. Her goal is for the team to win the School of the Year award, but most of all for every team member to experience the development and spirit that Alberta JDC West has to offer.

Top 3: Village Ice Cream, Making Lists, Caesars

Bottom 3: Dome lids on cold drinks, Mosquito bites, Sound of Velcro


Christopher Spence

Chris is a 5th year Accounting major looking forward to representing his school at a fourth JDC West.  After three years on the athletics team Chris is now looking to take more of a leadership role as one of the Co-Captains on this year’s team.  Chris played a variety of sports growing up but found the most success playing baseball in his hometown of Fort Saskatchewan.  When he isn’t playing sports Chris enjoys spending time with his family and can’t wait to share his JDC West experience with a new group of ASOB students this year!

Top 3: Mario Kart, Taking Recreational Sports way too seriously, Fresh cut grass

Bottom 3: Bandwagon fans, When people send snaps that they also put on their story, Corn



Kelly Willmott

Kelly is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student at the Alberta School of Business pursuing a major in Accounting and a minor in Finance.  After graduation she plans to pursue her CPA within public accounting.  Returning to the Alberta JDC West team for a second year she is very excited to be a part of the Alberta team again and crunch some numbers for Accounting.  Kelly enjoys teamwork and competition and is excited to see everyone in Calgary in January! #BoomDynamite

Top 3: Puppies, Leggings, Crunchy Leaves

Bottom 3: Spiders, Android Emojis, Wet socks 


Han Xiao

Han was raised in the city of Calgary, Alberta. In 2014, he was admitted to the University of Alberta and enrolled in his pre-requisites for the Bachelor of Commerce program. Upon successful entrance in fall of 2015, he picked Accounting as a major and had invested much of his undergraduate degree learning and fostering the skills around that profession. Coming into his last year, Han wishes to challenge himself by representing the Alberta School of Business in JDC West as part of the accounting team.

Top 3: Bananas, Mountains, and French Fries

Bottom 3: Traffic, Overripe fruits, and getting less than 6.75 hours of sleep.


Andrew Zanello

Andrew is a fourth-year student in the School of Business, Majoring in Accounting and Minoring in Finance. In his time not spent blankly staring at excel spreadsheets and tax problems, he enjoys golfing, travelling, watching the Oilers redeem themselves from 10 years of suffering, and enjoying a couple cold ones with friends.

Top 3: Medium Rare Filet Mignon, Scotch Whisky, Draining Putts

Bottom 3: Slow Walkers, Excel Errors, Constantly Disconnecting Wifi

Business Strategy


Renee Anielski

Renee is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student pursuing a major in Marketing. She is very excited to compete in JDC West for the first time on the Business Strategy team. After being a part of the 2017 organizing committee Renee has found a love for JDC West and is particularly excited for Buffer Zone to dance her heart out. She is excited to represent the Alberta School of Business at JDC West 2018!

Top 3: Dancing, Chocolate, Pets (Cat & Dog)

Bottom 3: People Stealing Her food, Crowded Places, Seat Kickers


Akash Purewal

He would like to start off by saying that he have two passions in life, business and sports. In Business school he has been involved in a lot of different activities, but most prominently he has been the Course Coordinator for an introductory business course for the past two years. Which means that he pretends to know how to business and then teach it to other people. Secondly, he loves all sports and is a big Oilers fan – yes he am finally proud to yell that from the rooftops (thanks McDavid).

Top 3: Oreos, A second pack of Oreos, Milk to dunk his Oreos into

Bottom 3: Empty pack of Oreos, No more milk to dunk his Oreos, Calgary Flames


Allie Moran

Allie is a fourth year finance major at the University of Alberta, with a passion for travel and understanding how businesses operate abroad as well as at home. She is immensely excited to work with her JDC teammates on the Business Strategy team and further her case skills. Despite growing up in Edmonton, Allie has a love for Calgary and is eager to see how the UAlberta JDC West team will take on the challenge of Embracing Diversity this year in Calgary.

Top 3: Mountains, Scarves, Tea

Bottom 3: Pop Culture References, Crosswords, MacBooks

Business Technology Management


Thom Oguntoyinbo

Thom Oguntoyinbo is a fourth year business student at the University of Alberta with a major in accounting and a minor in computing science. He is a proud member of the Leadership Certificate Program and Cooperative Education program. Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Nigeria, Thom has a unique global perspective. A 90s kid who found playing with power point animations and excel formulas "fun", Thom has kept his curiosity in technology flourishing and is thrilled to join the BTM team this year.

Top 3: Debate, Football (Soccer), Anime!

Bottom 3: Reality Television, People Touching his hair, Waiting for the bus


Emma Wolodko

Emma is in her fourth year of a business economics and business law degree. She is also pursuing a certificate in international learning with her degree and was inspired to do this from the semester she spent studying abroad in Turin, Italy. After graduating, Emma hopes to work for a not for profit for a few years before returning to school.

Top 3:  Wes Anderson films, Snow, Adventures

Bottom 3: wet socks, empty cookie jars, close- minded people


Jenna Wei

Jenna is passionate about design thinking and constantly strives to infuse creativity and innovation into her solutions. She is constantly travelling during her free time, allowing her to bring diversity and multiple perspectives into her work.

Jenna is Co-Op student at the University of Alberta working towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Management Information Systems and Accounting. Jenna has been involved in cyber security assessments testing social engineering and physical pen-testing. Jenna has also supported general IT controls testing, SOX testing, and security health assessments for clients in the public sector, and energy and resources.

Top 3: Music, Films, Personal Growth

Bottom 3: Long Lines, High-Maintenance Plants, Low Battery



Cole McFadden

Fourth year business student who still doesn't know what he wants to do after school. He is majoring in Finance and minoring in Business Economics and Law. First time JDC Wester.

Top 3: Free Food, Free Liquor, Free Food and Liquor

Bottom 3: Woken up mid nap, Country music, Not walking away a millionaire at the casino


Lindsay Rainbow

Lindsay Rainbow is a fifth year Business Economics and Law major, and a Strategic Management and Organization minor. Her interests include entrepreneurship, politics, writing, teaching, and travelling. 

Top 3: Videos of babies playing with puppies, Netlifx, Cheese

Bottom 3: Bad Drivers, , People touching my hair, Ignorance 


Noah Hammer

Noah is in his second year in the business program with an MIS major. This is also his second year being a part of Alberta JDC West after competing on the social team in his first year. He is excited to be competing on an academic team after experiencing the no-sleep/constant energy of the social competition. He hopes to use his background in technology and startups to help bring success to the Entrepreneurship team. In his free time, Noah enjoys reading, staying up to date on the latest tech, and being active in the Edmonton startup scene.

Top 3: Free food, Android, Pugs

Bottom 3: Waiting in Lines, Weak Coffee, Smart Art



Taylor Hudzinski

Taylor is 23 years old, and majoring in finance at the UofA. At times, she may spend too much time at Dewy’s or the RATT, but overall, she is a dedicated and well-performing student who has mastered the skill of procrastination. When she isn’t cycling at YEG, at the gym, or reading,
she can be found spending quality cuddle time with her dog, Ben. Her hidden talents include cooking and time management, and if you get to know her well enough, you will get to experience her unexpected witty sarcasm.

Top 3: All breeds of dogs! Every kind of food, except PB and pickles, Travelling

Bottom 3: People who don’t like dogs (can’t trust them), Sock with Sandals, Narcissists and misogynists


Gino Zambrano

Gino is an MIS major currently in his last year of university. This is his third time competing at JDC West, but his first time on a case team.  He can often be found in the Winspear library studying hard or preparing for projects and presentations. Aside from academics, Gino also volunteers at the SPCA which he finds to be a very rewarding experience.

Top 3: Manchester United, McDoubles, Memes

Bottom 3: Liverpool, Country Music, People who walk slowly in HUB


Pedro Santander

Pedro Santander is in his last year of his After Degree, majoring in Finance. Previously he earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Alberta. He hopes to have a successful career in business analytics or consulting. Pedro was born in Colombia to Argentinean parents and now after seven years in Canada, he is now a proud Canadian citizen. In his free time, he likes doing things outside with his friends and going to concerts.

Top 3: Travelling, Live Music, Food

Bottom 3: Meanderers, Cringe Comedy, Dabbing

Human Resources


Rachel Day

Rachel Day is a Bachelor of Commerce student at the Alberta School of Business. After completing two years in the Faculty of Science, Rachel discovered her passion for business and changed programs. She is now in her 5th and final year of her Business Economics and Law major. This is Rachel's first time participating in JDC West and is a member of the Human Resources case team. She could not be more excited to start her JDC West journey with her team of 50 behind her! 

Top 3: Larry David <3, On fleek eye brows. Board game nights 

Bottom 3: People who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom, Tiny dots clustered close together, Vertical running 



Kelsey Lalonde

Kelsey is a Strategic Management and Organization Major with a dream to work for travel and tourism. This is her third year with JDC West as Vice President Internal as well as an HR academic competitor. Her favourite thing to do is hang with her friends no matter what they are doing.  She loves live music, especially of the alternative and folk variety. At home, Kelsey spends most of her time having conversations with her two cats and dog. She could not be more excited with the year ahead, meeting 49 new friends on her JDC West team.

Top 3: Sharing embarrassing stories, Adventures, Pierogis

Bottom 3: Clothes without pockets, Waking up early, Useless textbooks


Jonathan Purdon

This will be Jon's 3rd time at JDC WEST but his first time on an academic team. He is looking forward to all the challenges that come with HR cases can't wait to see old friends from other schools. Jon's major in school is operations management, where he enjoys hibernating in the computer lab learning all the ins and outs of excel. When he is not doing that he can be found at the gym or outdoors having an adventure with friends.

Top 3: Peanut butter, got 'em, travelling

Bottom 3: All my ripped pants, shortcut code that don't exist, Big Brother spoilers 

International Business


Paris Morin

Paris is in her second year of business as a finance major. While fluent in French, she sadly wasn't born in France. In her free time, Paris enjoys reality TV and naps. You can usually find her walking around campus, coffee in hand. She loves adventures at home and abroad and can't wait to see the adventure JDC will bring. 

Top 3: Street tacos, Dog cuddles, Scuba diving

Bottom 3: Cold rain, Breaking in new shoes, Forgetting to hit "save" 



Sid Gupta

Sid is going into his 2nd consecutive year of JDC West right before he goes off to Germany to finish his Accounting degree. Sid enjoyed the competitive culture within JDC West when he competed in the Taxation team last year. This year, he is returning to experience more of the immense team camaraderie and school spirit displayed throughout the competition. During his free time, when he isn't drowning in textbooks, you can find him playing sports, sketching, or hanging out with his dog. 

Top 3: Kevin Hart, tweed suits, his dog.

Bottom 3: Mint flavoured desserts, poor grammar, having casual conversations on the phone.


Saskia Yumna

Saskia is an international student from Qatar majoring in Operations Management. This is her second time competing in JDC West after placing first in Debate last year. Saskia is excited to tackle new challenges with her IB teammates and hopes to grow from the experience - she feels most at home in team settings. Saskia is passionate about helping others and feels a duty to give back. She is involved in various student clubs and enjoys volunteering in her spare time.

Top 3: Hiking, her baby sister, food

Bottom 3: Pocket knives, vicarious embarrassment, paying for disappointing food



Joshua Puszka

Josh is in his second year of Business as an Operations Management major. He is an active member within the Alberta School of Business having been apart of a variety of clubs including: the Business Students’ Association, 5 Days for the Homeless, and the OM Club. Competing in a multitude of cases in the past, he strives to succeed with his JDC West Marketing team. He likes to use his spare time hiking, playing basketball, and eating good food.

Top 3: Scotch, Suits, & Watches, Elevator Pitches, Inclusivity

Bottom 3: The feeling of suede, Public microwaves, When the roommate doesn’t fill up the Brita


Rachel Bokenfohr

After volunteering at JDC West 2017 Rachel knew she had to immerse herself with the unique contagious energy she found at JDC West. As a marketing major Rachel is excited to finally apply her knowledge of
the 4 p's instead of just telling her parents about it. Outside of school you can find Rachel in the audience of any play or musical. If that fails follow the singing voice.

Top 3: Sailing, Stages, Skiing

Bottom 3: Wet socks, Wet mittens,


Adrienne Leung

Adrienne is a 5th year marketing major completing her BCom in the Co-operative Education stream. After being involved with different student groups such as the Business Students' Association and the Marketing Association, she hope to bring what she has learned from there and her work placements to JDC! When she's not at work or in class, you can find her with a camera, in the mountains or binging Netflix. 

Top 3: Fresh air, good stories, finding a hair elastic when you need one 

Bottom 3: Low battery, being cold, people who park in two stalls 

Not for Profit


Alycia Fritze

Alycia is a second-year Strategic Management & Organization major at the Alberta School of Business. She is very proud to be returning to JDC West for the second year, last year having participated as a Social. Social was such a wonderful experience that this year she is a member of the Alberta executive team as the VP Social, as well as competing academically on the NFP team. Outside of JDC West, Alycia loves playing volleyball and spending time at her family cabin.

Top 3: Game of Thrones, Papa John’s garlic parmesan breadsticks, Hand sanitizer

Bottom 3: Weak handshakes, Overly saucy sandwiches, Concert Snapchat stories


Kevin Zentner

Throughout the coming year, Kevin is thrilled to represent Alberta JDC West on the Not For Profit team. His day to day work with a local charity sees him advocate for human rights and promote diversity, equality, and citizenship for Edmontonians, and he looks forward to bringing these skills and ethics to the community of Alberta JDC West. He is also mildly obsessed with vintage musical instruments, Italian bicycles, classic Americana, coffee, and Indigenous art and culture.

Top 3: David Lynch, Sustainably sourced textiles, Plant husbandry

Bottom 3: Tomatoes, Caillou, Cotton balls


Sarah Simoes

Sarah is a fourth-year strategic management and organization major. She enjoys traveling and learning languages. She can speak four languages fluently: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. In her spare time, she likes to check out new restaurants and cook. At the Alberta School of Business, she is the Alberta Not-for-profit Association’s Co-Chair. She is excited to be part of the Alberta JDC West again, having been on the IB team last year, and is excited for a year full of fun with and making new friends in her hometown of Calgary come January! 

Top 3: Blankets that just came out of the dryer, Finding random cash in the couch or pockets, Completing to-do lists

Bottom 3: Pumping has to get a rounded whole number, Slow drivers in the left lane, Using a fork instead of a spoon or knife in the peanut butter jar



Zhayate Meng

Zhayate is in his last year of business,  he has a multi-cultural background; Mongolian - Chinese and raised in Japan. One of the three things he loves to do is go travelling to a lot different places, and the most recent place he's been to is Korea, China and Japan. He also loves dogs and puppies and lastly he can't go a week without running on a treadmill or outside. He's not fond of bugs and insects, and does not like horror movies. He tries his best to stays away from very spicy foods. 


Gaël Rukundo

Gaël is a final year business student majoring in Accounting at the school of Business at the University of Alberta. His academic interests include financial accounting, cloud Accounting, IT and Finance. His hobbies are travelling, hiking, French movies and all sorts of community involvement. He is currently a team member of the JDC 2018 Tax team, and he is looking forward to showcase his knowledge in tax codes and contribute to the spirit of camaraderie that JDC is offering. Gaël is fluent in English, French, Swahili and Kirundi.

Top: Hiking, long road trips to the mountains, Basketball

Bottom: Rainy gloomy days, empty fridges, messy room/fridge.


Christina Wu

Christina is an international business student majoring in accounting. Her passion in business comes from her goal of being an entrepreneur. Having the experience of studying in China, Italy and Canada, she developed a deep understanding of cultural differences, a global perspective and strong adaptability to different environment. Since her third year in business, she has actively participated in case competitions and enjoyed working in a team. She appreciates the opportunity of being part of the JDC family and looks forward to the challenges ahead.

Top 3: Travelling, Matcha chocolates, Milk tea

Bottom 3: Scary movies/TV shows, Waiting for buses, snakes