Athletics Team



Kareem Hamdon

Kareem is a third-year university student majoring in Finance with a Business Economics and Law minor. This year he is the Athletics Captain for JDC West as well as a Corporate Relations Director with the Business Students Association.

Top 3: Booster Juice, Board games, Playing sports

Bottom 3: ASMR videos, Chalkboards, Accidentally taking a nap before bed

Daniel Bilyk

Daniel is a laid-back kid from a small town just tryna find his way in the big city. In his final year of a Civil Engineering major and a Business Economics & Law minor, he is thrilled about his opportunity to make an impact on the JDC West team! Often found rapping along to his boi Drake, Danny B is also known for getting a little too competitive at basically everything. No matter the situation, he can be heard reminding his friends that he is just too blessed to be stressed!

Top 3: Long hot summer days, Loud music with unnecessary bass, Pineapple on pizza

Bottom 3: Loud chewers, Bad drivers, Relatives asking what you want to do with your life

Jake Donald

Jake is in his first year of business at the U of A and is excited to get involved in the great club that JDC West is. As a former varsity athlete, Jake is looking to bring his athleticism and leadership to the sports team this year. Jake has aspirations to graduate with a degree in finance and further his degree with a CFA certification. His other hobbies include managing a recreational slo-pitch team and golfing.

Top 3: Sushi, Golf, Fires at the lake

Bottom 3: Sharing food, Styrofoam, Gluten


Dennis Hodgson

Dennis is returning for his second year on the JDC West Sports team. He is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce Cooperative Education student, with a major in Operations Management and a minor in Business Law. During his time at the Alberta School of Business he has taken on a variety of leadership positions on student clubs, including Director of Events and Executive Vice President of the University of Alberta Accounting Club. During his spare time, he enjoys travelling, playing a variety of sports, or playing board games with friends.

Top 3: Chicken tacos, Large dogs, The Office

Bottom 3: People who don’t give the courtesy wave while driving, Having an allergy to large dogs, Student digest emails

Kareem Hamdon

My name is Kareem Hamdon and I’m nineteen years old and a first year business student at the University of Alberta. I’m majoring in Finance with a minor in Business Economics and Law. After my business degree I plan on going out of town for law school. I took part in intramural slow pitch and dodgeball, as well as tutoring ISSS Mini Study Groups once a week. Outside school I work part time for my parents’ oil and gas company, Hamdon Energy Solutions, as well as play soccer and snowboard. The remainder of my free time I spend with my friends. 

Top 3: Going to the cabin during the summer and enjoying the lake, Playing soccer competitively or just for fun or with my friends, Going snowboarding in the mountains

Bottom 3: Reading textbooks to study, Inventory counts, The Business 201 lecture

Melaina Korol

Melaina is a 4th year student at the Alberta School of Business who is majoring in Accounting. She transferred to the University of Alberta after her second year in University and this will be her first time being apart of JDC West. She loves to travel and has been to many places around the world, including Iceland for team handball. She is super excited to be on the sports team and is looking forward to a great year.

Top 3: Cows, people who appreciate eating pizza with a fork and knife, when the Oilers win

Bottom 3: Negative thoughts about cows, people who don’t make their beds in the morning because “they’re just going to sleep in it again tonight,” Cooked carrots

Mattea Mowbrey

Mattea is a first-year business student majoring in Finance with an undecided minor. She loves all things sports, is super excited to be a part of the JDC West athletics team and is ready to kick some butt! Outside of school you can catch her playing soccer, going to concerts and tearing up the dance floor.  She also enjoys travelling, coffee and keeping up with current events. This is Mattea’s first year on JDC West and she can’t wait to get to know the team and cheer everyone on!

Top 3: Earls Happy Hour, Cookies by George, Vine compilations

Bottom 3: Slow walkers, Tall people at concerts, Car dealership radio ads

Morgan Stang

Morgan is in her 3rd year of business, but first at the University of Alberta. She is a  finance major and business economics and law minor. Morgan is a two time national team member for synchronized skating and won a bronze medal at 2017 world championships. She is very excited to learn new sports this year, make new friends and be apart the athletics teams with JDC West! 

Top 3: Coffee, chocolate chip cookies, when fall lasts longer than a week 

Bottom 3: Forgetting where you parked, raisin cookies disguised as chocolate chip cookies, snow in September