Sports Team


Amanda Shalansky

Amanda Shalansky is a fourth year Business Economics and Law student with a minor in Strategic Management Operations. This will be her third and final year on Alberta JDC West and is very excited to be leading the Athletics team! She will be pursuing a career in corporate law after graduation. In her free time, you can find her volunteering for animal rescues, spending time with family and friends, playing real and made-up sports, and travelling.

Top Three: Sangria, Napping, Moment you walk out of the airport in a new country

Bottom three: People who chew with their mouth open, Overly ripe bananas, Chalkboards


Lukian Kruhlak

Lukian Kruhlak is a third year Finance student at the University of Alberta School Of Business. Lukian is returning to the Alberta JDC West sports team after placing second last year. Growing up, he played hockey, volleyball, basketball, golf and most recently Korfball and DBL Ball. He figures why not add Quidditch and Tchoukball to the list. Lukian is also the VP Finance for the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar. When not in the library studying, you can find him playing hockey, walking his dog, or watching Oilers games.

Top 3: Connor McDavid, “The Gladiator”, Golden Retrievers

Bottom 3: Nicholas Cage, When people say, “Lets not count score”, Profs that coordinate with each other ensuring you have multiple exams on the same day


Jamie Libon

Jamie is a first year Alberta School of Business student with a Major in Marketing and a Minor in Management Information Systems. She is currently the Service and Philanthropy Director of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, where she coordinates volunteer opportunities and tracks service hours for 50 members. Last semester, her committee launched a four-day philanthropy event which raised over $1600 for charity. Last summer, Jamie had the opportunity to study French in Montréal and gain a deeper appreciation for French-Canadian culture. In the future, she is interested in exploring more of Canada and studying abroad in Europe.  

Top 3: city skylines, 5km runs, tacos

Bottom 3: losing a snapchat streak, 8am classes, complacency


Brett Young

Brett is in his first year of business at the Alberta School of Business, and currently majoring in International Business and minoring in Marketing. He is a big fan of competitive sports, hockey especially. He grew up playing all kinds of sports and has developed a love for the competitive nature of them. He was also a volunteer with Orientation and Week of Welcome this past year (2017/18). Finally, he have a passion for travelling and seeing the world. He have visited 13 countries already, and wants that list to continue to grow.

Top 3: Dogs of any size or shape, Hockey, Thanksgiving dinner

Bottom 3: People who don’t signal while driving, Losing, The Calgary Flames


Robyn Kelly

Robyn is an Accounting major and MIS minor. When she doesn’t have her nose in her accounting textbook, you can catch her at the gym, watching the Oilers game, or reading about the latest in programming. She enjoy all forms of data science, but sports statistics are my her true love. However, the majority of her free time will be spent being excited for JDC West!

Top 3: Ice cream, empty squat racks, and the Edmonton city skyline at night.

Bottom 3: Two people talking to me at the same time, being woken up from a nap, and constantly coming in 2nd place in fantasy basketball.


Ronan Van Buskirk

Ronan is a third year business student at the University of Alberta. He major in finance in hopes to one day have a job. He is a part of the JDC west athletics team and prides in his ability to throw some balls around. He can’t wait to compete and hopefully come out on top at the big final. Go U of A!

Top 3: Money, Michael Cera and his mom.

Bottom 3: Trump, wrinkled clothes and the fast and furious series. 


Daxton Moen

Dax is an accounting/finance student who just transferred to the U of A. He's thrilled to be a part of JDC west athletic this year as he's always had a passion for sports and played as many as he could growing up (hockey, basketball, badminton, golf, track, x-country and volleyball). He comes from a small town in Saskatchewan, so there wasn’t much else to do. If he can spare some time between school and sports, he’ll beat you at NHL.

Top three: Lord of the Rings (it counts as three because it’s a trilogy, right?)

Bottom three: That guy who always one ups your story, that girl with the annoying laugh, that group who spreads out and walks slow in the hallway.


Dennis Hodgson

Dennis is on the JDC West Sports team this 2017/2018 season. He is an Accounting major/ BUEC BLAW minor going into his 2nd year at Alberta School of Business. When he's not last minute studying, he enjoys hanging out with friends, staying active and travelling! He is also a part of the University of Alberta Accounting Club as their Director of Events. He can be found pretending to do homework in Winspear library until 9pm daily or playing with his super cute dog Callie.

Top 3: Chicken tacos, Large dogs, The Office

Bottom 3: People who don’t give the courtesy wave while driving, Having an allergy to large dogs, Student digest emails