Social Team


Camille McConkey

Camille is in her second year of Accounting at the Alberta School of Business. She is extremely pumped to be on the social team this year and looks foreword to competing in crazy challenges! Camille promises to make the Alberta School of Business proud at JDC West.

Top 3: Eating unhealthy amounts of cereal, People watching, Survivor

Bottom 3: Filling up gas, Uber drivers who don't like to talk, Cauliflower


Rohan Gupta

Rohan is in his first year of business with a major in Finance and hopes to get into law school by the end of his degree. He is currently working as a cashier at Save-On-Foods to finance his addiction to Filistix. When Rohan is not using his free time to catch up on sleep, he likes to partake in unusual activities such as taking cold showers or screaming in front of the mirror. These help in preparation for his upcoming role in JDC West Social. Rohan also loves to play basketball and listen to music while he’s studying for an exam.

Top 3: Rohan’s dog Bruno, Rick and Morty, Peters’ Drive-In milkshake

Bottom 3: Tuition Fees, Cleaning the house, Slow Drivers


Julie Perich

Julie is a first year student at the Alberta School of Business and second year student at Campus Saint-Jean, pursuing a Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in accounting and minor in marketing. Julie was selected to be part of the JDC West 2017 Social Team and is very excited to work with 3 new friends. When not studying or napping Julie is often seen dancing or exploring new coffee shops. 

Top 3: Colour Yellow, Coffee, Instagram

Bottom 3: Vine stars, Slow walkers, Fake poutine 


Jason Guimaraes

Jason is a first-year Finance major with a minor in strategic management and organization. He is excited to be joining JDC West as a first year, social member. Jason was born Toronto, Ontario Canada where he spent most of his early childhood prior to moving to Edmonton in 2012. Outside of school, Jason can be found playing volleyball or basketball with his friends, or on his sofa watching TV/Netflix. Jason is also a volunteer tutor at his high school and a volunteer track and field coach at his junior high school. 

Top 3: Reality TV Shows (Big Brother & Survivor), Steak & Chicken, IceCapps

Bottom 3: The Cold, Slow Wifi, The Golden State Warriors