Social Team



Brett Eigner

Brett is in his first year at the Alberta School of Business, trying to decide on what major he should pursue. This is Brett’s first year as part of JDC West; he is excited to be part of the social team, even the sleepless nights. When he isn’t studying or challenging his social teammates, Brett can be found either with friends or trying to catch-up on Netflix series. Brett also likes reading, listening to podcasts, and a good nap.

Top 3: Coffee, Dad jokes/puns, Podcasts

Bottom 3: Loud eaters, People who talk in class, Slow walkers


Erika Hudon-Kaide

Erika is in her first year of business in the bilingual bachelor of commerce program with a major in SMO. She is extremely psyched to be a part of the social team to represent the spirit of Team Alberta! She believes that JDC West will be an enriching experience that will push her out of her comfort zone and she is ready to bring it on. Erika’s life has been largely shaped by her two older sisters who were very critical and supportive of everything she undertook. Thanks to her high-spirited sisters, Erika confidently tried out for the social team.

Top 3: Matcha, Doc Martens, slime videos on Instagram

Bottom 3: Weeaboos, ETS transit, slime videos on Instagram


Blake Moran

Blake is a finance student in his first year who transferred from the Faculty of Kinesiology after he realized his passion for finance and entrepreneurship. During the summer he started up a private landscaping business which led to the realization of his entrepreneurial passion. He can also be found playing basketball or soccer with friends, trading stocks in lectures, or hitting up a happy hour! He is also excited for the opportunity that is ahead of him as a member of the JDC West social team!

Top 3: Podcasts & audiobooks, NBA basketball, Falling into the Youtube autoplay trap

Bottom 3: Crowded busses, Bad WiFi, Losing at things

Katia Wlasichuk

Katia is a first-year student at the Alberta School of Business with a major in marketing and a minor in English. She is beyond thrilled to be joining the Alberta JDC West team this year for the first time as a social! As an extremely competitive individual who has always wanted to apply for the Amazing Race, Katia can’t wait to compete and represent the spirit of the team. When she’s not studying or learning about case competitions, she can usually be found researching her future travels, checking out local coffee shops, or adding to her never-ending pile of books to read.  

Top 3: Oxford commas, Vanilla lattes, Light blue PowerPoints

Bottom 3: 8 am MGTSC 312 labs, People who stand on the left-hand side of the escalator, Word limits