Debate Team



Sadhna Mathrani

Sadhna is a third year BUEC/BLAW student who is a HUGE fan of debate (hence why she is the Debate Captain). She enjoys traveling and not being in Edmonton as well as reading, writing, and watching Netflix. She is one of the shortest people you will ever meet and surprisingly also the loudest.

Top 3: Dessert, Books, Dogs  

Bottom 3: Bananas, Social injustices, The Bachelor


Chris Hajek

Insert bio

Top 3: Soccer, Muscle cars, “Funance”

Bottom 3: Window’s updates in class, Flight delays, Dead batteries


Nina Varghese

Nina is excited to be representing U of A on the Debate team this year! She is going into her 3rd year with a major in Accounting and a minor in Economics, with the goal of one day working in taxation policy. Nina is excited to make new friends on the team and to finally have a use for all the trivia she learned watching Jeopardy during high school! When she is not crying over schoolwork you can usually find her out on a walk, watching a movie, or hanging out with friends.

Top 3: Reddit, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Walking

Bottom 3: Beer, Bad Wifi, People that watch Netflix during class -.-


Ellen Savage

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Top 3: Ice cream, Debating, Reading

Bottom 3: Bananas, Arrogance, Conflict