Debate Team


Tony Basu

Tony is a fourth-year Bcom. student thrilled to be a member of the Alberta JDC West Debate team for 2018. Tony is also VP External with the Business Students' Association and is actively involved on and off the U of A campus. Interested in law school, Tony would like to sharpen his critical analysis and deliberation skills, through the contention and argumentation of debate. Outside of school, Tony enjoys traveling, music, and attempts at comedy; he looks forward to developing strong friendships at JDC West 2018.

Top 3: Spotify playlists, Watermelons, Endearing nicknames

Bottom 3: Unreciprocated waves across hallways, When sunlight reflects off the snow and blinds you while you're driving, Tomatoes in salads


Julie Moysiuk

Julie is currently majoring in Finance and minoring in Business, Economics and Law. Experiences in a variety of sectors including start-ups, non-profits, and investment management have allowed her to develop strong critical thinking and communication skills. Whether it be defining a methodology or honing a debate argument, Julie is motivated by learning the “why” behind essential processes and people in the business world. In JDC West, Julie looks forward to staying up to date with politics and economics, and meeting all of the delegates!

Top 3: Conversations that change your opinion, Coffee dates & wine nights, Appreciating the little things

Bottom 3: Taking the wrong highway exit, Not being able to fall asleep, The swamp


Darby Walton

Darby is a second year student majoring in Business Economics and Law at the Alberta School of Business. She is a member of the sixth Leadership Certificate cohort, as well as the Community Engagement and Service Learning certificate program. Last year, Darby competed on the Alberta JDC West Social team and is ecstatic to be a member on this year’s Debate team. Additionally, Darby is Vice President Internal of the Business Students’ Association where much of her role is oriented around increasing student engagement and student wellness initiatives. She is confident that passion and friendship will bring success to the Alberta JDC West team at this year’s competition.

Top 3: Espresso, Sweatpants, Google Calendar

Bottom 3: The Bourgeoisie, “Dry Clean Only”, Scanning Menu’s for little Green V’s


Joshua Koop

Joshua Koop was born and raised in the Edmonton area. He graduated from Strathcona Christian Academy in Sherwood Park, and currently lives just outside of Tofield, Alberta. After beginning his time at the Alberta School Business as an accounting major, he recently switched to finance and is in his second year at the School of Business. When he graduates, he plans to either work in the finance industry or continue his education in law school. This is Josh’s first year on the JDC West team, and he is looking forward to being a member of the debate team.

Top 3: Chocolate with peanut butter, Playoff hockey, Free parking

Bottom 3: Rural Internet, Bad drivers, Blind taste tests