Debate Team


Julie Moysiuk.png

Julie Moysiuk

At JDC West 2019, Julie will be in her final year of a Finance and Political Science degree. She is incredibly excited to be leading the debate team, meeting new faces and making new friends! JDC West has been an important part of Julie’s diverse university experience, which has included working with non-profits, an investment firm, and most recently a summer in management consulting. While these positions have taken her across the country, she can’t wait to visit the West Coast at SFU! When not having fun with debate, you can find Julie at your local Chapters or Korean BBQ.

Top 3: Dry humour, Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Lazy Sundays   

Bottom 3: Missing a flight, Mistaking raisins for chocolate chips, Horror films

Brendan Cornish.png

Brendan Cornish

Brendan is a second-year finance major and is excited to be apart of JDC West debate. He is also the Internal Relations Director for the Business Students Association where he coordinates the 27 clubs within the Alberta School of Business. After completing his degree, Brendan hopes to go into mergers and acquisitions in Toronto for a major bank. He enjoys staying up to date on world politics and economics and believes JDC West debate will be an excellent chance to further develop both his presentation and debate skills. He is looking forward to the year ahead with such an amazing JDC West team!

Top 3: Soccer, Muscle cars, “Funance”

Bottom 3: Window’s updates in class, Flight delays, Dead batteries

Rohan Gupta

Rohan is in his second year of Business and is majoring in Finance. He hopes to enter law school at the end of his degree. Rohan is very excited to represent the Alberta JDC West team as part of their debate team. This BOI is ready to give out some POI's.

Top 3: When the balance sheet balances, When someone pronounces gif correctly instead of jif, When the dog doesn't die in the movie

Bottom 3: Dabbing, Making decisions with unforeseen consequences, Hitting a dabber who turned out to be a professional kick-boxer

Sadhna Mathrani.png

Sadhna Mathrani

Sadhna is going into her first year of business with a major in BLAW, and is honestly quite nervous to be a member of the JDC West debate team. She’s been debating since high school, and serves on the executive for the University of Alberta Debate Society. She is an avid reader and enjoys sitting by the fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a blanket. She’s super excited to be on JDC West, and looks forward to making some amazing memories in the next few months!

Top 3: Ice cream, Debating, Reading

Bottom 3: Bananas, Arrogance, Conflict