Executive Team




Kelsey Lalonde

Kelsey Lalonde could not be more excited to be a Co-Captain in her fourth year of being a JDC West member! She has been a Social, VP Events for the OC, HR academic member and VP Internal in the past. She is studying Strategic Management and Organization and will be graduating at the end of the year. She loves the experiences and opportunities JDC West has created for her and cannot wait to do the same for her 50 person family this year!

Top 3: Embarrassing stories, Random adventures, Her co-captain

Bottom 3: Not cheering, Not dancing, Not singing



Jon Purdon

This will be Jon's 4th time at JDC WEST but his first time as Co-Captain. He is looking forward to all the challenges that come with being team Dad and can't wait to see old friends from other schools. Jon's major in school is operations management, where he enjoys hibernating in the computer lab learning all the ins and outs of Excel. When he is not doing that he can be found at the gym or outdoors having an adventure with his close friends. Jon is very loud so don't get him too excited with cheers, well at least not at 4 am when people are trying to sleep.

Top 3: Peanut Butter, the saying "Too Late Too Sorry", At this point Team Alberta JDC West I love you

Bottom 3: All my ripped pants, Shortcut code that don't exist, Big Brother spoilers


VP Academic

Aaron Hagen

Aaron is a 3rd year Operations Management major with a love for all things JDC West.  He is extremely excited to have the opportunity to support this years case teams as the VP Academic for team Alberta. Aaron loves to get active whether that be baseball, running, or volleyball. When he isn't being overly competitive at sports, he is being overly competitive at board games (open challenge to beat him in Catan). Aaron is ecstatic to spend the year making memories and friends with everyone involved in JDC West and also for it to be socially acceptable to cheer obnoxiously loud whenever he can (Sochies for life).

Top 3: Brunch dates, Google Calendar, Iced coffee

Bottom 3: People who say opa when glass breaks, Slow walkers, Paying for parking

VP Charity

Josh Puszka

Josh Puszka knew it was love at first sight with JDC West since his first experience as a volunteer in Edmonton. After immersing himself in academics on the Marketing Team; his return this year places him in the role as VP Charity and competing on the Business Strategy Team. When he is not at Earls happy hour or trying the newest coffee shop, you can find him fully immersing himself in his fourth year at the Alberta School of Business through a varied multitude of commitments and clubs.

Top 3: Peeling the plastic off of new electronics, Elevator pitches, Red Bull

Bottom 3: When food falls from your fork before eating it, Tripping up stairs, Public microwaves

Sarah Simoes.png

VP External

Sarah Simoes

Sarah is in the last year of her Bilingual BComm degree majoring in Strategic Management and Organization, with a minor in Operations Management. This will be her third year on the Alberta JDC West team and cannot wait for all the new friends and memories to make this year!  In her spare time, Sarah loves to cook and explore new restaurants, as well as learn new languages. She is always looking for fun running, cycling and yoga buddies! Catch her in South America this Spring as she loves to explore the world.

Top 3: Sunroofs, Kale, Clothes that just came out of the dryer

Bottom 3: Wet socks, Mushy food, Slow drivers in the left lane

Camille McConkey.png

VP Internal

Camille McConkey

This is Camille's second year on the Alberta JDC West team. Camille competed as a social in her first year of the competition, and although she loved it, she is ready to be able to sleep during the competition as a member of the Accounting Case Team. Camille is extremely pumped to be a member of the exec team as VP Internal and loves hanging out with her fellow JDC West team mates! In her spare time Camille enjoys hanging out with dogs, playing with dogs, and watching dog videos.

Top 3: Sleep, Carbs, Crappy reality television

Bottom 3: Less than 9 hours of sleep, Fruits and vegetables, Traffic circles

Jamie Libon.png

VP Marketing

Jamie Libon

Jamie is a marketing major going into her fourth year of university. Last year she was a member of the Athletics team and fell in love with the HYPE of JDC West. She couldn’t be more excited to come back as the VP Marketing and a member of the Marketing team because she believes marketing is the art of business and is interested in connecting with different groups and people through her work. Beyond marketing and sports, she is super interested in mindfulness and discovering new hot spots overlooking the city skyline.

Top 3: Friends who share playlists, her roomies, High fives

Bottom 3: When the fm transmitter goes fuzzy, being home alone, Negative vibes


Althetics Captain

Brett Young

Brett is going into his fourth year of university at the University of Alberta, but only his second at the Alberta School of Business. He is focusing his studies on the Business Economics & Law Major, with future aspirations of going to Law School. Brett is Alberta JDC West’s Athletic Captain for the 2019 competition and couldn’t be more excited about. He has been active in sports his entire life and was on last year’s Athletic Team as well. When you can’t find him studying, you will find him volunteering, in the gym, or making future travel plans.

Top 3: Mountains, Skiing, Anything food related

Bottom 3: People who don’t signal, People who walk slow in the hallways, The Lannisters

Julie Moysiuk.png

Debate Captain

Julie Moysiuk

At JDC West 2019, Julie will be in her final year of a Finance and Political Science degree. She is incredibly excited to be leading the debate team, meeting new faces and making new friends! JDC West has been an important part of Julie’s diverse university experience, which has included working with non-profits, an investment firm, and most recently a summer in management consulting. While these positions have taken her across the country, she can’t wait to visit the West Coast at SFU! When not having fun with debate, you can find Julie at your local Chapters or Korean BBQ.

Top 3: Dry humour, Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Lazy Sundays   

Bottom 3: Missing a flight, Mistaking raisins for chocolate chips, Horror films