Executive Team




Brett Young

Brett is in the final year of his degree at the Alberta School of Business, specializing in Business Economics & Law and minoring in Strategic Management Organization. Brett has been a part of Alberta JDC West for the past 3 years, 2 of which as a member of the Athletics team, and most recently taking on the role of Co-Captain. He has a passion for working with others and wants to create a positive and impactful year for his team. When he's not on campus you can find him in the mountains, volunteering, or hanging with friends.

Top 3: 80’s rock & roll, A good old fashioned hike, The Starks

Bottom 3: People who don't like dogs, People who don't signal while driving, The Lannisters



Josh Puszka

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Top 3: Peeling the plastic off of new electronics, Elevator pitches, Red Bull

Bottom 3: When food falls from your fork before eating it, Tripping up stairs, Public microwaves


VP Executive

Aaron Hagen

Aaron is the VP Executive for this year’s team. He is an Operations Management major heading into his 5th and final year. This is his 3rd year participating in JDC West - he was also a Sochie and has done his fair share of cases. Both experiences were incredibly different but both had a large impact on his undergrad. Now he is returning hoping to help lead the team to an amazing year that is both fun and educational. When he is not doing JDC West stuff (which is rare), he loves board games, running, volleyball, and making buttery excel spreadsheets.

Top 3: Birkenstocks, Google Calendar, Saying "that's showbiz baby"

Bottom 3: Dairy, Slow walkers, People who are "too cool" to cheer


VP Academic

Jamie Libon

Insert Bio

Top 3: Friends who share playlists, Her roomies, High fives

Bottom 3: When the FM transmitter goes fuzzy, Being home alone, Negative vibes


VP External

Emily McGoey

Emily is a fourth year marketing student at the Alberta School of Business. She is also the VP External so she is going to be getting that moola for Team Alberta! Her hobbies includes spending copious amounts of money at Aritzia, werkin’ out at Orange Theory, and listening to podcasts.

Top 3: When your food comes at a restaurant, Belly laughs, Charcuterie boards

Bottom 3: Ted talks, Being hangry, Excel


VP Charity

Morgan Stang

Insert Bio

Top 3: Sleep, Carbs, Crappy reality television

Bottom 3: Less than 9 hours of sleep, Fruits and vegetables, Traffic circles


VP Marketing

Renee Yu

Renee is going into her final semester of Business as an OM major/MIS minor. With a passion for case competitions, photography and Excel spreadsheets, you can find Renee hanging out in the labs with a bubble tea within reach almost 99% of the time. When she is not busy critiquing posters and low quality images, she enjoys eating and running a food diary on Instagram.

Top 3: Chloe perfume, Trolling people, High quality photos

Bottom 3: Low quality people, Koreaboos, Chipped nails


VP Social

Erika Hudon-Kaide

Erika is in her second year of business in the bilingual bachelor of commerce program with a major in SMO. Erika competed as a Social last year, and now she will be coaching the Social team. Additionally, she is extremely excited to be a part of the NFP team this year! The not-for-profit sector has always been a field of interest of Erika’s, so she is ready to challenge her knowledge. Outside of school, Erika is usually shopping because the mall is so close to her house or watching YouTube videos.

Top 3: Matcha, Doc Martens, Slime videos on Instagram,

Bottom 3: Weeaboos, ETS transit, Slime videos on Instagram,


Athletics Captain

Kareem Hamdon

Kareem is a third year university student majoring in Finance with a Business Economics and Law minor. This year, he is the Athletics Captain for JDC West as well as a Corporate Relations Director with the Business Students Association.

Top 3: Booster Juice, Board games, Playing sports

Bottom 3: ASMR videos, Chalkboards, Accidentally taking a nap before bed


Debate Captain

Sadhna Mathrani

Sadhna is a third year BUEC/BLAW student who is a HUGE fan of debate (hence why she is the Debate Captain). She enjoys traveling and not being in Edmonton as well as reading, writing, and watching Netflix. She is one of the shortest people you will ever meet and surprisingly also the loudest.

Top 3: Dessert, Books, Dogs 

Bottom 3: Bananas, Social injustices, The Bachelor